Our Application Process

If you are interested in purchasing a membership share and moving into Townhouse Plaza Cooperative, you may obtain an application form from the business office or by clicking here to download a PDF version. Your application must be filled out completely and returned to the business office with an $80.00 non refundable application fee.
Upon receiving this application, the guidelines and criteria set forth by the Board of Directors in qualifying to purchase a membership share, is submitted for approval to the Cooperative. After your application is approved you may go forward with a purchase of an available unit a member is marketing for sale. Usually available units are listed with Realtors, but other times the share member is selling the unit share themselves, “For Sale by Owner” (fsbo).
For sale on the open market is the only way units are sold, as there is no waiting list held by the Cooperative, and it is solely the responsibility of the leaving member to sell or gift their unit out of their name and obligation to the buyer, in writing.
Sales are strictly between the buyer and seller. The Cooperative only handles the Occupancy Agreement; after the buyer is approved and the real estate sale is completed.